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Sandy Beach

Staying at any of the popular resorts in Rocky Point? Chances are the beautiful ocean view from your balcony is Sandy Beach. Offering shallow waters that invite you to enjoy the ocean or take in a beach massage. If you’re looking for the perfect treasure to remember your stay at Rocky Point. You’re in luck there are plenty of vendors ready to sell you the perfect souvenir. Don’t forget the sun block, towels. water shoes and shade.

Playa Hermosa Beach

Public beach located off of Calle 13 (13th Street) in Rocky Point that offers ample parking and fun in the sun. Enjoy an easy going day at the beach or book an water activity. This beach has it all from vendors selling sunglasses to pina coladas made from fresh pineapple. Feeling a little tense and need help to unwind? Try a massage offered right on the beach next to the Sea of Cortez – paradise. Things to bring to the beach are chairs, towels, water shoes, cooler, sun block and shade. Forgot some of those items – relax the vendors have many of those items for sale. Welcome and enjoy your day at the beach.


Mirador Beach

Public beach located at Old Port in Rocky Point that offers more privacy to the beach enthusiast with fewer vendors. Things to bring to the beach are chairs, towels, water shoes, cooler, sun block and shade. Need a break from the sun enjoy a quant bar that’s a local favorite called Payita located right on the beach. Looking for a great time in Old Port just travel down the road and visit Manny’s with great ocean views, extensive bar and pool with swim up bar. Enjoy the great service, drinks and food.


Tucson Beach

Just 15 minutes east of Rocky Point catch the small fishing town of Cholla Bay. On Calle F past the Oyster House Restaurant and JJ’s Bar is a local hot spot of Tucson Beach. A unique landscape carved out of lava rock enjoy watching fish jump right before your eyes. This beach is more private with few vendors , but if I could recommend taking a look at the unique wood carvings of the locals. Things to bring to the beach are chairs, towels, water shoes, sun block, cooler and shade. Relax and catch the sunset with little interruptions. On your way back to town stop and get a drink and a casual burger at JJ’s bar or try a fresh sea food dinner at the Oyster House.


Pelican Beach

Farther down the road on Calle F in Cholla Bay is Pelican Beach a hidden local snorkeling treasure. An underwater camera is a must to capture the colorful reef and wildlife that reside there. Of course get a up close look at the Pelicans that call the beach home. Things to bring to the beach are chairs, towels, water shoes, shade, cooler and shade. Hungry after a day of sun and snorkeling head to JJ’s Bar for a burger or the Oyster House for a fresh sea food meal.


Las Conchas

Las Conchas Beach is a public beach located 9km from Rocky Point surrounded by private homes this beach offers a private and exclusive experience. With an unique shelling encounter that displays a colorful assortment of sizes to make this beach day memorable. The 6 miles stretch of pristine interaction with the natural wildlife habitat of the Morua Estuary is protected by the environmental organization CEDO. Otherwise, known at the Intercultural Center of Deserts and Ocean Studies. An organization dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the area. The CEDO offers guided tours of the Morua Estuary offering the experience of 140 different species of birds that call Las Conchas home. Feel free to kayak or walk along the beach and explore the shallow natural tide pools .Kick back and enjoy the sound of the Sea of Cortez and take in the sunshine. Things to bring with you are chairs, towels, water shoes, sun block, cooler and shade.


Mayan Palace Beach

Mayan Palace Beach is located approximately 29 km from the town of Rocky Point that offers high class beaches. Surrounded by private timeshare homes enjoy family activities and fun in the sun. Take in the day with reading a book or catch a ride on the banana boats this beach has it all. Things to bring to the beach are chairs, towels, water shoes, sun block, cooler and shade. Located on the beach are the Mayan Palace restaurants, but bring your wallet as food is on the pricey side.

Rocky Point has everything a vacationer could want with sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, wildlife, water activities and so much more

It’s not recommended to drink water straight from the tap. We highly recommend to buy

bottled water for your personal use and order bottled water at restaurants.

Important! As of June 1st, 2009 a passport or passport card is required for returning to the U.S. under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

Travel Checklist

June 1st, 2009 U.S. citizens returning home from Canada, Mexico or the Bermuda by land or sea will be required to present one of the following travel documents.

* U.S. Passport

* U.S. Passport card (valid for land and sea only)

* Enhanced Drivers License (EDL)

* Trusted Traveler Program Cards: Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST

* Children under 16 arriving by land or sea my present an original birth certificate, consular report of birth abroad or a naturalization certificate.

* U.S. lawful permanent residence: Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551)

* U.S. Military: Valid U.S. Military Identification card when traveling on official orders


Knowing what documents are required and having them ready when you return home will help streamline the entry process and ensure your return to the U.S. is as smooth as possible. Additional information can be found at:

Enjoy a day shopping for unique gifts and treasures of Puerto Penasco. Rocky Point has two great spots – The Malecon (fish market) and Rodeo Drive which will not disappoint.

Passengers may import merchandise other than their personal baggage without hiring a customs broker, paying the general tax of 16%, provided that the value of merchandises, excluding duty-free allowance, doesn’t exceed 3,000 USD or the equivalent in MXN currency, and provided that the passenger has the invoice, sale receipt, or any other document expressing the commercial value of merchandise.

* Taxes may be paid by Internet at or, completing the form “Payment of Foreign Trade Duties”, or through the automatic centers.


* Value of computer equipment, together with the rest of merchandise, must not exceed 4,000 USD or the equivalent in other currencies.

* Merchandises subject to non-tariff regulations or restrictions (permits, certificates, notices) may not be imported.

* In order to calculate the tax base, duty-free allowances mentioned in the point 2 may be subtracted from merchandise value.

Passengers may transport, exempt from duty, new or used merchandises that make up their

personal baggage, as well as duty-free allowance merchandises:


1) Goods considered as personal baggage: Goods for personal use, such as clothes –including one bride trousseau–, footwear and personal toiletries and beauty products, as long as they are appropriate for the duration of trip; as well as baby travel, hygiene, and fun accessories, such as car seat, portacrib, baby carriage, baby walker, etc., including their accessories; two cameras or video cameras, including 12 rolls of film or videocassettes; photographic material; two cellular phones or beepers or pagers; one portable typewriter; one electronic personal organizer; one laptop, notebook, omnibook or similar; one portable photocopier or printer; one portable recorder and one projector, including accessories; two personal sport equipments, four fishing rods, three surfboards or windsurfing boards and their accessories, trophies or recognitions that can be normally transported by the passenger; one running machine and one exercise bike; one portable sound recorder or player; one digital sound player or portable CD player and one portable DVD player, as well as a set of portable speakers, and their accessories; five laser disks, 10 DVDs, 30 CDs or magnetic tapes, for sound playing, three storage software and five storage devices for any electronic equipment; books, magazines, and printed documents; five toys, including collection toys, and one video games console, as well as five videogames; one blood pressure self-monitoring device and one blood glucose self-monitoring device, or a mixed device, and their reagents, as well as personal medicine (in the event of psychotropic substances, passenger must show prescription); one binoculars and one telescope; two musical instruments and their accessories; one tent and other camping articles; one set of hand tools and the suitcase, which may include one drill, tweezers, wrenches, dies, screwdrivers, cables, etc.

Passengers older than 18 years may transport up to 20 cigarette packets, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco, as well as up to 3 liters of alcoholic drinks and six liters of wine. Old persons and disabled persons may transport devices that compensate or reduce their limitations, such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks, etc. Passengers may transport up to two dogs or cats, as well as the accessories necessary for pet transportation and cleaning, showing the pertinent animal importing permit issued by SAGARPA.

2) Duty-free allowance:

Merchandise additional to the baggage, which monetary value may be proved by invoice or sale receipt and such value doesn’t exceed 300 USD, or the equivalent in MXN currency when passenger entries to Mexico by maritime or air port; or 75 USD when the passenger entries to Mexico by land. Alcoholic drinks, tobaccos, and gasoline may not be part of the duty-free allowance.

During holiday period, Holy Week, summer, New Year, Mexican passengers entering Mexico by land may import, under their duty-free allowance, merchandise with a value up to 300 USD or

the equivalent in MXN currency, except for the persons that reside in the border. Please look up for beginning and end of these holyday periods at customs desk or at

Mexican Law provides, among other, the following infringements and penalties related to merchandise introduction:

* Failing to declare at customs the transport of currency, Mexican or foreign checks, money orders, or other monetary instrument, or a combination of them, in an aggregate amount exceeding 10,000 USD is a violation of Mexican Law and such violation is sanctioned with a fine equal to 20-40% of the amount exceeding 10,000 USD and with the applicable criminal penalties.

* Introducing or extracting hidden merchandises, or merchandises in an artificial manner so their nature may go unnoticed, when import or export of such merchandises is prohibited or restricted, or when such merchandises are subject to tax payment, is a violation of Mexican law and such violation is sanctioned with a fine equal to 70-100% of the commercial value of merchandise.

* Omitting total or partial tax payment. When infringement is generated only due to a tax omission and the value of merchandise doesn’t exceed 3,000 USD or the equivalent in

MXN currency, such infringement is sanctioned with a fine equal to 115% of the commercial value of merchandise. Once tax and fine have been paid, customs authority shall give back merchandises to passenger.

* When passenger can’t prove, through the pertinent customs documents, that merchandises have complied with all requirements established in the Customs Law for introduction to Mexico, no declared merchandises will be seized, as well as the means of transport when passenger is entering Mexico by land.

* With regard to no declared merchandises that aren’t subject to non-tariff regulations or restrictions, passenger may choose abandonment after paying the respective fine.

Traveling into a foreign country can be an adventurous experience, but it also means going through a customs inspection. Being an educated traveler will help you navigate through customs with ease. In Mexico, the SENASICA office (National Office of Health, Food Safety, and Quality) outlines clear regulations on what items Mexico allows into their borders. Read on for more information about bringing food into Mexico

If you are planning on bringing food into Mexico, there are certain foods allowed by Mexico Customs as long as they are intended for personal consumption and do not risk bringing disease or pests into the country. Although these items are allowed into the country, they are still subject to inspection by customs.

* Smoking tobacco

* Honey

* Dried, roasted, or preserved fruits and vegetables including coffee, herbs, and spices

* Dry cooked, packed, and bottled foods

* Smoked poultry such as chicken or turkey. These items must be in their original packaging and properly labeled.

* If traveling from the United States or Canada, refrigerated, frozen, vacuum packed milk and cheese are allowed. These items must be in their original packaging and properly labeled (USDA Label is required).

There are restrictions when bringing your pets to Mexico. Only dogs and cats are recognized at pets and are allowed into the county with required documentation of vaccinations. Other animals such as rabbits or hamsters are not considered pets. However, they may be allowed into Mexico under strict guidelines. Transporting pet food SENASICA only allows dried pet food that doesn’t contain beef products. For more information contact Mexico Customs and border rules.

These items are allowed into the country by Mexico border rules, depending on their origin and manufacturing process. They also must meet certain importation requirements. More information on these items can be found on the SENASICA website at

* Seeds, seedlings, and fresh plants. Be especially careful with items such as trail mix and granola bars that often include seeds.

* Fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, and cereals

* Dairy products

* Flour and corn meal

Prohibited Imports by Mexico Customs

These foods have been deemed by the SENASICA office of Mexico to present a risk of introducing pests or disease into the country, and are not allowed under any circumstances.

* Homemade food items

* Fresh, dried, or frozen pork

* Fresh, refrigerated, or frozen poultry

* Fresh, refrigerated, or frozen beef

It’s important to understand the difference between miles per hour and kilometers per hour. Most vehicles have kilometers on the speedometer indentified by smaller numbers next to the larger numbers. Digital speedometers can be programmed for kilometers refer to your auto manual for more information.

If you’re pulled over for speeding or other traffic violations remain calm, polite and pay your fines a the police station.

There may be times your pulled over even when following the law. The officer may demand find to be paid directly to the officer. Continue to remain calm and polite. At that point some decide to pay fines to the officer instead of delaying vacation plans. The choice is up to you.

During the months of August and September mark the stormy period for Puerto Penasco. This could mean hurricane weather conditions. There are great deals during this time, but do your research on the forecast.

Cooler Weather in Rocky Point

November to February are the winter months in Puerto Penasco. The water is considered to be too cold to swim (for most). Rocky Point has cheaper accommodations for a get away, but expect an increase of rain and temperatures around 60 degrees.

When traveling to Rocky Point you must obtain Mexican Insurance prior to crossing the border. There are fairly reasonable insurance rates that can be purchased while driving through the border towns. Otherwise, Mexico Insurance can be purchased on line at:

Entering Mexico is an easy process, just follow instructions the border is safe and friendly. Of course when traveling to a foreign country being on your best behavior is the best idea. Traveling during daylight hours are best and keep in mind the Lukeville border hours are 6AM – Midnight.

Being safe in Rocky Point or any foreign country is about common sense. It’s not recommended to flaunt valuables – leave expensive jewelry at home. Avoid deserted streets especially at night and stay with your group.

The night life is fun and excited, but make sure to follow the same safety rules you would at home. Don’t leave with strangers, keep your eye on your drinks and safety in numbers. Stay with your group and don’t overdue alcohol consumption being intoxicated can make you vulnerable.

Planning to vacation with your 18 year old it’s recommended to have the drinking allowed or not allowed conversation prior to arriving to Rocky Point.

Apart from cell phones, cameras and laptops we strongly recommend leaving expensive possessions at home. Summer clothing during the warmer months will suffice, but bring along a jacket in case of lower temps at night. If traveling to Rocky Point during the winter the temperatures are cooler and recommend bring warmer clothing. Pools are usually heated during the winter months so don’t forget the swim suit.

Exchanging dollars for peso is fairly easy. ATMs are a good way to exchange dollar to peso with rates that are better than elsewhere. You can also utilize exchange centers for quick and easy money exchanges . Americans are accustomed to using credit and debit cards for purchasing goods. However, in Rocky Point many places only accept cash and places that do accept plastic will charge a convenience fee. Tipping is expected with 10% – 15% being the most common.

Stay Calm

Seeing young men / women dressed in military regalia and carrying guns can be intimidated especially when you’re asked to pull over. They are present for your protection.

What do they want

Officers are looking for drugs or food items being brought to the country illegally. The officers are only here to improve safety in Mexico. They are polite and professional when asking you to open your trunk, glove box and possibly your suitcase. The police (federales) are known to have a sense of humor to put you at ease. However, I would not recommend kidding about hidden drugs or guns – that will cause a situation get real serious real quick.

Don’t be Belligerent

American’s reputation are known for being obnoxious, loud, condescending and demanding in foreign countries. Being polite, helpful and humorous help to dispel this reputation. It will also assist your check point experience ends quickly and hassle free.

Do Not Run or Avoid Check Points

Military do have options available to halt your travel by using stop sticks, man power or even gun fire. Please, be cooperative with the Mexican Law Enforcement and Milita


No, we do not charge any extra fees or fuel surcharges. The listed price is the price you pay. Including tax.

We understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re traveling so it is not necessary to have a printed copy. However, we require that you show ID matching your reservation and also the Order # that is immediately emailed to you after you make your reservation.


Wear whatever is comfortable.  Open toe shoes are not recommended.

We do suggest you bring appropriate clothing to fit the season.


All deposits are non-refundable and final payments are due upon arrival of the activity booked. However, in the event your activity is cancelled by the Harbor Master due to unsafe weather conditions your deposit made with Rocky Point Adventures will be refunded.

Yes. Reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all tours. Reservations help us determine the number of guides we need to ensure that our groups remain manageable and enjoyable, and they allow us to notify you of changes to the tour due to weather or anything that could disturb the tours.