Tequila Peñasco

CLOSE YOUR EYES and picture your perfect beach town. Listen to the sound of the waves & the smell of the fresh ocean water.  The fishermen are pulling in the day’s catch and the sun is beaming down on your umbrella.  Now open your eyes and taste the beaches of Mexico with a glass of Tequila Peñasco. 

Enjoy Puerto Peñasco in a bottle wherever you are. We bring the beach to you. Look no further. 

Make sure you ask for Tequila Peñasco in your favorite bar or restaurant.  If they don't carry it, they should.


Our Tequila

A clear silver bright spirit. Aroma containing agave and spice with hints of butter and fresh lemon grass. With a very nice fruity blast, turning to cooked agave and mild butter with balanced alcohol. Medium to full body in your palate, with a nice and well balanced tequila "punch", finishing with the mild spicy (white pepper – serrano chile – mint) and roasted fruity finish (pumpkin and sweet potatoes).
Bright and pale golden color. The nose is full of orange-lime peel, butter and cinnamon, with hints of wild flower honey, and properly integrated wood. Very smooth, silky at your palate, medium body, mildly sweet and citric initial taste with alcohol burst, and the medium-long finish with mineral, spice and wood. Great integration of agave and wood.  Aged 4-6 months
Golden brown color with copper hints. Aroma of sweet agave, crystallized orange peel and caramel coated nuts, wood, mild vanilla and caramel. Very smooth at first, initially sweet and spicy on the tongue, with a great combination of agave and toasted wood body, and subtle well integrated alcohol. Long finish, full of fruit, oak, sweet brown spices, a long wave of vanilla, buttery and caramel coated nuts. Aged 14-16 months
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Its simply does not get any better than this. This Extra Añejo has been aged for over 3 years in charred American Oak. The nose is amazing. It has a silky feeling with a touch of almond. Its bronze color reveals the master deep heritage of its roots. The finish is incredible, like a fine cognac. This is one of the best Extra Añejo’s in the world

We Are Available at

  • Satisfied Frog
  • Colins Cantina 
  • Tequila Bar
  • Chango's
  • Vazquez Liquors in Sonoyta
  • Garufa
  • Manny's
  • Wrecked at the Reef
  • Circulo B
  • Expendio La Perla in the Curios
  • Sonoran Resorts Convenience Stores
  • Reggie's 8/12 Market
  • Tequila Factory
  • Don Antonio Liquors
  • Expendio El Gringo Boulevard Benito Juarez
  • Expendio Cota Fremont Boulevard
  • Max's Restaurant
  • Bryan's Sports Bar

Tequila Recipes

Contact Charlie at Grupo Majestic International at 638-380-5028 or 520-907-4348 for more information.